Akbari Begum College of Education
Location Matiyari Chauraha, Deva Road, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh - 226028


Welcome To Akbari Begum College Of Education is One Prominent College Of Education In Lucknow. It Has Its Own Unique Culture, Personal And Intellectual Integrity, Value-based Education, And Academic Infrastructure. Akbari Begum College Of Education Strongly Focuses On The Individual's Growth And Development. This College Provides Enormous Contribution In The Field Of Law As Well As Teacher Education (B.Ed.) The Fresh Commitment Of Akbari Begum College of Education Is To Develop Young Forces For National Development.

Education is one of the most powerful instruments for Social, Cultural, Technical, and economic development. It is also the ability to meet life's situations. It is the character-building process, enhancing one's personality and making one rational, capable, responsive, and intelligent. The vision for the 21st century should be to create a learning and global society. This is only possible through inclusive and quality education. Everyone knows that the most important factor in the contemplated educational reconstruction is the teacher. A skilled teacher is prepared through rigorous training and also with the help of well-trained and qualified faculty members. The Akbail Begum College of Education has qualified, competent, and hardworking faculty members who help in shaping the teachers of tomorrow.

Akbari Begum College of Education provides an exuberant, encouraging, and conducive environment for the preparation of competent prospective teachers (B.Ed. trainees). It is not only an academic college but also a mission and vision to make the country progressive and prosperous in all aspects of life. I, therefore, invite all the aspirants who are in the quest for knowledge and quality education to join this college ta serve the nation at large.


1. The institute is shaped into a premier institute for the development and dissemination of knowledge and skills in various field of education like teacher Education, Academic growth and Law Education.

2. To ensure core competencies Ist face the global requirement successfully.

3. To enhance the quality education in weaker section of the society special arrangement is made for underprivileged section (SC/ST) and economically lower state.

4. To emphasize the peer to imbibe the socially acceptable developing value commensurate with som cultural, economic and environmental relation at the local and international level.

5. Truth, honesty, cooperation, mutual understanding are culcated for the cultivation of our culture and value system among the students.


The vision of Akbari Begum college of Education is to give specific, directional and motivational guidance for the entire world community. It focuses in the broad dimension and progress in Education India that point to challenges for future the institution makes a dynamic policy to develop skills and value system that could lay a strong foundation in all walk's of life.


Akbari Begum College of Education is situated at Ganeshpur, Rahmanpur, Near-Matiyari Chauraha, Faizabad Road, Lucknow/ The college, campus has large play ground, canteen, parking facility as well as hostel facility.


The auditorium is well equipped with modern equipments and apparatus. It has an exclusive lighting and sound system. The Auditorium is enough spacious for more than 300 seating arrangements at a time.


The Lecture Hall of the college is airy and spacious. It has elevated platform the faculty to deliver their lecture. It has also appropriate sitting arrangement for the students to ensure screen visibility and proper interaction with the teacher. The lecture hall are well equipped with modern technologies.


The Lab has number of computer system connected with high speed broad band connectivity computer lab caters to the computing needs of the faculty and students for their research teaching and learning activities.


The college library has a rich collection of renounced book and journals. It is the heart of college and acts as central resource of knowledge and current information. The library serves the needs of the faculty as well as students and member of college library. The College library has unique facility of Book bank to help each students to set some requirements books for all subjects.


Public transport facility is frequently available from Dewa to Matiyari Chauraha, Faizabad Road to connect the college easily. Akbari Begum College of Education has its own regular transport facility to connect the college easily for the students from all the main locations.


Akbari Begum College of Education organises educational tours. This tours support students in acquiring the behaviourial knowledge and real life experiences. The tour provides the real knowledge of challenging world. It also provides relevant information and knowledge of the profession.


Akbari Begum College of Education has a training & placement cell. It has a number of experts and professionals to impart training in the field of personality management and development, Career counseling, fluency in speaking and writing of English Language.


Hostels are centre which provides a home away from home to students, faster, friendship and brotherhood among them. The college offers separate hostels for Boys and Girls. Round the clock electricity is provided in the hostel. Round the clock first aid facility available and good arrangement of security is there.


The students are supplied with full sport-gear for Cricket, hockey and others games with Coaches to help them acquire sport skill and sporting sprite